Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Scriabin 4: ...and there's more!

And for those of you who just can't get enough Scriabin, here are some of his pieces without opus numbers, nearly all early: 

For piano:
Canon in D minor (1883), written aged 11
Nocturne in A flat major (1884), composed aged 12
Valse in D flat major (1886), written aged 14
Valse in G sharp minor (1886), written aged 14
Sonata-Fantasy (1886), written aged 14
Egorova (Egoroff) variations (1887), written aged 15
Mazurka in F major (1889)
Mazurka in B minor (1889)
Feuillet d'Album de Monighetti in A flat major (1889)
Sonata in E flat minor (1889)
Fugue in E minor (1892)

For two pianos:
Fantasy for two pianos in A minor (1889)

For horn and piano:
Romance (1890)
(Yes, he did write a piece of chamber music after all!!)

For voice and piano:
Romance (1894)
(Yes, he did write a song!!)

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